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2011-11-12 16:27:49     BBC News - US dismantles 'massive' cyber crime syndicate


Cyber criminals who are alleged to have made $14m (£9m)... fraud have been arrested in Estonia.
The FBI alleged that the gang infected more then four mi ...

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/Channels/digital economy

2011-12-04 05:37:41     BBC News - US senator calls for answers on phone 'snooping'


The maker of the smartphone software that triggered a sn... called to account by a US Senator.
Senator Al Franken has written to Carrier IQ asking it t ...
Mr Eckhart claimed Carrier IQ software could log everyth ...
Carrier IQ said its software helped d

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/Channels/HCI stuff/mobiles

2011-09-07 13:47:30     BBC News - Vibrating suit to teach posture


A vibrating suit has been designed at Birmingham City Un... teach nursing staff the correct technique when lifting a... patients.
The suit vibrates until the correct posture has been ado ...

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2014-05-24 14:39:36     BBC News - Victorian strangeness: The man killed by an automaton


There was no need for Sherlock. The killer didn't flee t... his ground over the lifeless body of his victim, his han... the bloody weapon, his face betraying no emotion.
At the feet of the mechanised figure of a person - which ...

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2013-08-30 08:38:40     BBC News - Virtual reality: Lessons from the past for Oculus Rift


with excitement building for the release of a new VR hel... Rift - it is worth asking what went wrong the first time... lessons be learned?

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2013-03-10 07:21:05     BBC News - Web-based 'brain' for robots goes live


Continue reading the main story
Related Stories
Robots to get their own internet
Arm lifts BigDog robot to new level
... f standardising the way robots perceive the human world.

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2014-11-23 14:53:23     BBC News - What phantom limbs and mirrors teach us about the brain


In a lab in southern California scientists are curing th... incurable with little more than a mirror, and changing o... the brain in the process.
In mid-November the team at the University of California ...
That study is in its very early stages, but si

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2011-08-23 18:38:16     BBC News - When algorithms control the world


If you were expecting some kind warning when computers f... than us, then think again.
There will be no soothing HAL 9000-type voice informing ...
In reality, our electronic overlords are already taking ...
Their weapon of choice - the algorithm.

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/Channels/digital economy

2012-08-16 07:13:45     BBC News - Women and tech: Why don't girls want to be geeks?


This image problem starts at school, according to one te...
"Girls don't see IT as creative. It is that image of the ...
Gender differences become apparent during IT lessons, ev ...

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/Channels/education/CS education

2009-11-07 09:44:20     BBC NEWS | Education | Universities 'worth £59bn to UK'


Universities in the UK are worth £59bn for the economy,... the economic impact of higher education.
The report, based on figures for 2007-8, highlights the ...
Universities created, directly or indirectly, over 668,5 ...
The figures follow the launch o

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2007-07-23 20:59:49     BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | BBC finds missing Dalek episode


BBC finds missing Dalek episode
A scene from The Day of Armageddon
A scene from The Day of Armageddon
A long-lost Dalek episode of Doctor Who has been returne ...
The episode of The Daleks' Master Plan, from 1965, was r ...

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/Channels/random links

2007-12-08 15:26:51     BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | Iraqi bloggers at home and abroad


Iraqi bloggers at home and abroad
Not many of the people who were blogging in English from ...

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2009-06-23 13:04:32     BBC NEWS | Health | Opera 'is music for the heart'


Opera 'is music for the heart'
Listening to Pavarotti sing the Nessun Dorma could help ...
Listening to the right kind of music can slow the heart ...
... lood pressure, while slower-pace music does the reverse.

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/Channels/cognition and art/slow and time

2010-07-08 13:01:17     BBC NEWS | Health | Robots 'to revolutionise surgery'


Within ten years some doctors and scientists are predict...
They say by using the natural orifices of the body and t ...
It sounds fantastical, but prototypes are already in exi ...
There are particularly big hopes for Ares (Assembling Re ...
... ising p

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/Channels/HCI stuff/intelligent interfaces

2009-07-02 17:13:38     BBC NEWS | Magazine | An exciting stats website? Believe it


I hope my video offers just a feel of what you can find ... Factbook eXplorer website. Just as exciting is the OECD'... Statistics site.
Readers might also like to explore the inspiration for t ...

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2007-10-25 19:32:52     BBC NEWS | Magazine | Tongue tied


Wales has been enjoying a revival of its native tongue, ... those in rural areas. Now a new awareness is growing in ... south, but some - including native Welsh speakers themse... could foster division and resentment.

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2006-02-08 18:10:33     BBC NEWS | Politics | MPs hit streets for wireless net


MPs hit streets for wireless net
Parliament lacks wi-fi access points
The lack of wireless internet access within the Houses o ...
The Commons administration committee says tight security ...

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2007-11-10 15:09:27     BBC NEWS | Programmes | Analysis | With Friends Like These


With Friends Like These
webpage from facebook site
Are we revealing too much information about ourselves?
BBC Radio 4's Analysis: With Friends Like These will be ...
... c and searchable, and will be around, perhaps, for ever.

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2006-05-13 15:23:40     BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click | New feel and sound of computers


The sensitive PC is a research project intended to impro... between man and machine, and to see if computers can be ...
Dr Jörg Voskamp, from Germany's Fraunhofer Institute, w ...
"We thought that it might be a good idea to bring the co ...
The system

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2007-10-13 12:17:34     BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click | Webscape


We feel Fine
The BBC is not responsible for the content of external i ...
We feel Fine is a bit of a misnomer as the site aims to ...
The 'Open We Feel Fine' tab launches the application whi ...
... aggregator sites like these are completely above-board

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/Channels/HCI stuff/emotion and fun

2009-07-02 09:13:23     BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Big brother untangles baby babble


In 2005, the artificial intelligence researcher at the M... Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab set out to under...
"We wanted to understand how minds work and how they dev ...
It was a big task and one that years of research by scie ...
But now, Pr

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/Channels/cognition and art/language
/Channels/HCI stuff

2010-07-08 13:02:36     BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | New robotic hand 'can feel'


New robotic hand 'can feel'
A team of scientists from Italy and Sweden has developed ...
It has been attached to the arm of a 22-year-old man who ...
Researchers say it works by connecting human nerve endin ...

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/Channels/HCI stuff/intelligent interfaces

2008-06-30 09:37:19     BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Spotting penguin spots


Scientists from Bristol University have developed new te... identify large numbers of African penguins.
First tested out on captive birds at Bristol zoo, it wor ...

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/Channels/random links

2008-03-01 14:31:45     BBC NEWS | Technology | 'Intrusion' warning over mini projectors


'Intrusion' warning over mini projectors
Mini projector
Mini projectors have been under development for a number ...
A miniature projector small enough to fit into a mobile ...
The projector, developed by the company 3M, is around 4c ...

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/Channels/HCI stuff/mobiles

2006-12-06 08:50:25     BBC NEWS | Technology | 'Most websites' failing disabled


'Most websites' failing disabled
10 Downing Street website
Tony Blair's website was one of few to make the grade
Most of the leading websites around the world are failin ...
... nyone committed to the idea of equal web access for all.

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2008-05-13 07:26:06     BBC NEWS | Technology | Luminaries look to the future web


Exactly 15 years ago the directors at the lab where the ... developed signed a document which said the technology co... anyone free of charge.
That decision was instrumental in making the web truly w ...

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2009-01-19 10:16:35     BBC NEWS | Technology | New phone features 'baffle users'


New phone features 'baffle users'
Children using mobile phones, BBC
Setting up a new mobile phone is no longer child's play.
The complexity of modern mobile phones is leaving users ...
... ore new services if the technology was easier to set up.

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/Channels/HCI stuff/mobiles

2008-11-21 09:11:33     BBC NEWS | Technology | Patent battle over teaching tools


Blackboard, an American maker of these systems, took the... by surprise late last month when it announced it had bee... patent in the US covering 44 claims related to learning ... systems.

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/Channels/techie/software patents

2008-11-17 10:57:48     BBC NEWS | Technology | Tower of power lights up London


Artists are lighting up London's South Bank with 1200 wi... as part of a digital arts festival.

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/Channels/cognition and art/digital light

2009-04-15 12:58:25     BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Egyptian town's 'zero unemployment'


Egyptian town's 'zero unemployment'
Despite the ongoing global economic turmoil, one Egyptia ...
The people of Damietta attribute this to the quality of ...
Christian Fraser visited one of Damietta's many workshop ...

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/Channels/digital economy

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