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2010-08-18 18:16:10     Why Free Plans Don’t Work | Software by Rob


Do they ever make sense?
I’m not saying that it’s impossible to be successful ...
Obviously free plans have worked well for companies like ...
We need to stop blindly copying them and start thinking ...
... t skip that free plan and focus on making m

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/Channels/digital economy

2011-12-19 16:18:55     A First Look at the Canvas for iOS Mobile App | Inside Higher Ed


Do you believe that:
In the (near) future, students will access their dig ...
That mobile apps should not try to duplicate the bro ...
So far, the mobilization of learning has been more h ...
It is with these questions in mind that I've been p

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2006-11-05 12:22:01     Cumulate Draw


Do you REALLY need to spend hundreds of dollars on drawi...
Or do you just want to DRAW?
OK then, point your browser here, draw, and save Save yo ...
Samples of JPEGs created using Cumulate Draw:
sample - flowchart sample - UI design

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2016-09-07 10:56:44     About - Doarama


is a 3D visualization engine for geolocated activities. ...

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/Channels/maps and geography

2012-02-08 10:53:53     Docracy - Learn More


Docracy is a social repository of legal documents. Our m... useful legal documents freely available to the public. W... them easier to find, customize and sign. No more crappy ... paywall that you download hoping everything will be alright.
Instead: re

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/Channels/digital economy

2006-06-24 16:50:13     Eclipse Documentation


documentation for the eclipse SDK

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2011-03-02 16:12:33     Docvert - Microsoft Word to Open Standards [current 4.0]


Docvert takes word processor files (typically .doc) and ...
Web Service receives .doc file and converts it to a Open ...
The resulting OpenDocument is then optionally converted ...
The result is returned in a .zip file.
Docvert has a user-friendly inter

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/Channels/techie/web development
/Channels/text mining

2009-04-20 12:40:58     The Dojo Offline Toolkit | The Dojo Toolkit


Dojo Offline is an open-source toolkit that makes it eas...
* An offline widget that you can easily embed in you ...
* A sync framework to help you store actions done wh ...
* Automatic network and application-availability det ...
... ion wit

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/Channels/techie/web development

2008-06-18 09:44:11     Don't repeat yourself - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY, also known as Single Point o... process philosophy aimed at reducing duplication, partic... computing. The philosophy emphasizes that information sh... duplicated, because duplication increases the difficulty... decrease cl

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2009-07-08 19:30:04     Dopplr Tour | Travel planning, advice & tips for the smart traveller


Dopplr is a service for smart travellers. Dopplr helps y... your travels by sharing your personal and business trave... with the people you trust. Dopplr shows you coincidences...
1. Add your travel plans
Add trips on the Dopplr site or simply tell Dop

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/Channels/techie/social networking

2009-07-13 11:55:11     Bootstrapping - Doug Engelbart Institute


Doug Engelbart is best known for inventing the mouse and... however his greatest innovations have been in the vision... devised for bootstrapping the innovation, creating a ver... turbo charged learning curve in his lab out of which eme...
Thus emerge

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/Channels/cognition and art/creativity

2005-11-13 17:29:01     Text-Reader. Read and translate Internet texts, and learn words.


New v3.01
(322 kb)
Explorer Toolbar Maker v3
Convert any HTML page into your own home-made Internet E ...

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2009-02-15 18:16:59     ECS


dr mc schraefel has been awarded a Royal Academy of Engi... Research Fellowship, sponsored by Microsoft Research, to... to discovery for scientists. A vital part of this resear... quest to improve quality of life for scientists through ... information

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/Channels/cognition and art/creativity

2013-03-23 15:24:53     Jay Parkinson, The Doctor Is In (Well, Logged In) - NYTimes.com


Dr. Parkinson’s start-up isn’t a new app or social n... founder of Sherpaa, a Web site that operates like a virt... office, examining patients by e-mail and text message.
“We’re using the Internet to reinvent health care,†...
Have a mysterious

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/Channels/digital economy

2014-04-15 13:40:51     Mind Games - NYTimes.com


Dr. Pinker’s teaching is similarly accessible. Just lo... questions here, culled from one of his Harvard courses, ... Science.

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2010-04-26 16:50:50     Dynamic Drag’n Drop With jQuery And PHP


Drag’n drop generally looks hard-to-apply but it is de... using JavaScript frameworks. Here is, how it is done by ... jQuery UI:

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/Channels/techie/web development

2012-07-19 14:53:10     Our Frugal Future: Lessons from India’s Innovation system - Nesta


Drawing on the latest data and over 130 interviews with ... policymakers, entrepreneurs and academics, this report e... policies, institutions and industries that are driving r... innovation. It measures how India's research strengths a...

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/Channels/research methods

2011-11-08 16:27:46     DSPL: Dataset Publishing Language - Google Code


DSPL is the Dataset Publishing Language, a representatio...
Use existing data: Just add an XML metadata file to ...
Powerful visualizations: Unleash the full capabiliti ...
... pen: Freely use the DSPL format in your own applications

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/Channels/techie/open data

2009-07-13 18:54:10     OWL Web Ontology Language Use Cases and Requirements


Due to the size and rate of change on the Web, the close... (which states that anything that cannot be inferred is a... false) is inappropriate. However, there are many situati... closed-world information would be useful. Therefore, the... able to sta

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/Channels/techie/semantic web

2017-06-15 21:16:00     When You Fall in Love, This Is What Facebook Sees - The Atlantic


During the 100 days before the relationship starts, we o... steady increase in the number of timeline posts shared b... couple.

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/Channels/HCI stuff/emotion and fun
/Channels/techie/social networking

2011-03-25 10:16:58     Fisher Space Pen


During the first NASA missions the astronauts used penci...
During this time period, Paul C. Fisher of the Fisher Pe ...
Fisher developed his space pen with no NASA funding. The ...
Fisher offered the pens to NASA in 1965, but, because of ...
... rt into

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2006-09-30 19:29:30     Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) & JavaScript code library


Dynamic Drive, the #1 place on the net to obtain free, o... Javascripts to enhance your web site!

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2008-07-16 09:34:36     E-Health Insider Primary Care :: Less than 1.5% of electronic prescriptions seamless


E-Health Insider has learned that of the 1.6m electronic... issued by the Electronic Prescription Service, just unde... seamlessly sent and received all the way through to disp...
Out of the 1.6m scripts created electronically by GPs, j ...
This means

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/Channels/HCI stuff/eHealth

2014-10-02 05:21:39     The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens - Scientific American


E-readers and tablets are becoming more popular as such ... improve, but research suggests that reading on paper sti... advantages

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/Channels/cognition and art/slow and time

2005-11-05 08:39:55     Sending a POST Request Using a Socket (Java Developers Almanac Example)


e1071. Sending a POST Request Using a Socket
See also e135 Sending a POST Request Using a URL.
try {
// Construct data
... }

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2014-01-13 18:31:06     Here be 3D printed dragons | News @ CSIRO


Earlier this week we posted about a letter we received f...
Sophie’s very polite letter.
“Our work has never ventured into dragons of the mythi ...
... erospace parts. So they thought a dragon was achievable.

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/Channels/DIY technology
/Channels/just lovely

2009-08-18 10:42:31     How Reuters Should Be Responding To The AP's Suicide | Techdirt


Earlier today we wrote about the AP's plans to DRM the n... what a backwards plan it was. The story is getting lots ... with many pointing to a NY Times report, where the AP's ...
"If someone can build multibillion-dollar businesses ...
First of al

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/Channels/digital economy/link economy

2008-08-08 10:55:10     Leopard users unable to run Java 1.6 - vnunet.com


Early adopters of Apple's newly released OS X 10.5 Leopa... are unable to work with the latest version of the Java p... language.

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2010-07-03 10:35:42     Old Computers - rare, vintage, and obsolete computers


[ From frame: http://oldcomputers.net/Robsolete.html ]

Early personal computers were nothing like present day c... personality!
Each was different and more exciting than the previous, ...
sharp-pc7000 This website is dedicated to the preservati ...

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/Channels/just fun

2009-07-06 10:14:14     Identity Construction on Facebook: Digital Empowerment in Anchored Relationships | Science & Consciousness Review


Early research on online self-presentation mostly focuse... constructions in anonymous online environments. Such stu... individuals tended to engage in role-play games and anti... behaviors in the online world. More recent studies have ... performance

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/Channels/HCI stuff/emotion and fun

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