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Let ALICE manage your building lobby by greeting vis...
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ALICE presents visitors with a touch screen list of ...
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<div class="content"><a href="/contact/request-a-quote/" class="btn success"></a> <div class="alice-video"> <div style="position: relative; width: 401px; height: 225px;" id="player_wrapper"><div role="button" tabindex="0" dataattribute="/_scripts/jwplayer/player.swf" title="/_scripts/jwplayer/player.swf" style="background: url(&quot;chrome://flashblock/content/flash.png&quot;) no-repeat scroll center center transparent ! important; min-width: 32px ! important; min-height: 32px ! important; width: 401px; height: 225px; border: 1px solid rgb(223, 223, 223); cursor: pointer; overflow: hidden; display: inline-block; visibility: visible ! important; -moz-box-sizing: border-box;" bgactive="url(chrome://flashblock/content/flashplay.png) no-repeat center" bginactive="url(chrome://flashblock/content/flash.png) no-repeat center"></div></div> <script type="text/javascript" src="/_scripts/jwplayer/jwplayer.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> jwplayer("player").setup({ flashplayer: "/_scripts/jwplayer/player.swf", file: "http://youtu.be/b8O9BMhFUG0?list=PL2DF46DF2AA87F5B1&amp;hl=en_US", height: 225, width: 401, bufferlength: 5 }); </script> </div> </div> <ul class="info seperator-top"> <li class="col1 shadow-light border-5"> <a href="/use-cases/smb/" class="image-text"><strong>Interactive Visitor Experience</strong></a><br> <p><a href="/use-cases/smb/">Let ALICE manage your building lobby by greeting visitors, alerting employees and connecting both via 2-way video. Our interactive touchscreens provide visitors with a simple "one click to call" experience. <br><br> <strong>Click here to see and learn more about how ALICE can benefit your business environment.</strong></a></p> </li> <li class="col2 shadow-light border-5"> <a href="/features/overview/" class="image-text"><strong>Empower Your Employees</strong></a><br> <p><a href="/features/overview/">ALICE presents visitors with a touch screen list of employees or building tenants. Employees and tenants see live streaming video of the visitors in the lobby before they are offered&nbsp; the option to connect with the visitor. In Operator mode, all visitor calls are directed to a designated employee or group of employees. <br><br><strong>Click here for a full list of features and benefits.</strong></a></p> </li> <li class="col3 shadow-light border-5"> <a href="/products/product-overview/" class="image-text"><strong>Hardware Options to Fit Your Budget</strong></a><br> <p><a href="/products/product-overview/">The ALICE system come in a variety of form factors to fit any building environment. Desktop units are perfect for small offices, Wall Mounted units are great for larger lobbies and commercial buildings and Kiosk units work well in just about any lobby or foyer environment. <br><br><strong>Click here to learn more about different hardware options. </strong></a></p></li></ul>