snipit.org: Snip!t - intelligent bookmark management and information sharing

what are Snip!ts

Snip!ts are a cross between web bookmarks and a web notepad

Snip the web
When you see something on a web page that you want to remember for later you can simply select the part of the web page you want, click Snip!t, and the snip of text together with the URL of the web page it came from are saved in your personal Snip!t collection.
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Snip notes
From your mySnip!t page you can also simply add a Snip containing anything you like. Use it to keep notes or to copy-paste between machines.
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Snip suggest
Snip!t examines each snip and tries to work out what kind of thing it is. If it recognises the snip it suggests things you may want to know about or do to the snip. For example a word count of the text in the snip, or a map of a post code.
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sort Snips
You can sort your snips into categories and sub-categories so that you can always find the ones you want.
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share Snips
You can also put snips in channels which other people can see. This allows you to use the snips as a sort of public link collection or blog.
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