Help with Snip!ts

These pages currently provide another way in to the information you will find in "About Snip!t". Over time they will be extended to answer Frequently Asked Questions about Snip!t.

add a Snip!t bookmarklet
How can I add a bookmarklet to my browser?
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Snip the web
How do I snip a portion of a web page?
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Snip notes
How can I use Snip!t to keep web-accessible notes or to copy-paste between machines?
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Snip suggest
How can Snip!t help me find out interesting things?
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sort Snips
How do I sort my Snip!t collection into categories and subcategories?
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share Snips
How can I share my Snip!t collection using Snip!t channels and RSS feeds.
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How do I add a snip to a different category or remove it from a category altogether?

  1. On your mySnip!t page, click "view snip" for the snip that you want to put in a different category.
  2. Below the Snip summary you will see the Categories section, which lists the categories the snip is already in and has an "Add to Category" option.
  3. Use the pulldown menu to select the category or channel (or sub-category/sub-channel if desired). If you want to create a new category or channel to put the snip into, select "New Category".
  4. Click "Add It!".
  5. ( Skip this if you added the snip to an existing category).
    • If you chose "New Category" for the snip, you'll see a form where you can enter the name for the new category and a pulldown list (containing Top and Channels, plus any categories you already made). Select from the list to choose a location for the new category.
    • Choose Top or Channels to create a top-level category, or else you can make this a sub-category of one you've already created.
    • Categories in Top will only be visible to you. If you want this to be a public category, create it in Channels.
    • Click "Add It!" to create the new category/channel.
  6. You'll now be back on the "view snip" page and you'll see that the snip appears in the category you just chose (or added) as well as any other categories where you'd already placed it. If you want, you can keep the snip in any number of categories or channels, or else just click "remove from category" to take it out of a particular category or channel.

What can I use Snip!t for?

  • Snip!t is for keeping track of and annotating personal bookmark collections. It is not for marketing or promotion of commercial sites or services.