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Despite significant research and development efforts the... Semantic Web has not yet become reality. The growth of s... representations is probably still outpaced by the growth... Web pages and one might remain skeptical about the poten...
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Despite significant research and development efforts the vision of the Semantic Web has not yet become reality. The growth of semantic representations is probably still outpaced by the growth of traditional Web pages and one might remain skeptical about the potential success of the Semantic Web at all. But are there alternatives? From our point of view: Not really! We think that the missing spark for starting the Semantic Web is to overcome the chicken-and-egg dilemma in the simultaneous lack of semantic representations and semantics-conscious search facilities on the Web.

Triplify tackles this dilemma by leveraging relational representations behind existing Web applications. A large part of Web content is generated by database-driven Web applications. However, the structure and semantics encoded in relational database schemes is unfortunately inaccessible to Web search engines, mashups, etc.


<p class="auto" id="p34835-3">Despite significant research and&nbsp;development efforts the&nbsp;vision of&nbsp;the Semantic Web&nbsp;has not&nbsp;yet become reality. The&nbsp;growth of&nbsp;semantic representations is&nbsp;probably still outpaced by&nbsp;the growth of&nbsp;traditional Web&nbsp;pages and&nbsp;one might remain skeptical about the&nbsp;potential success of&nbsp;the Semantic Web&nbsp;at&nbsp;all. But&nbsp;are there alternatives? From our&nbsp;point of&nbsp;view: Not&nbsp;really! <strong>We think that the&nbsp;missing spark for&nbsp;starting the&nbsp;Semantic Web&nbsp;is&nbsp;to overcome the&nbsp;chicken-and-egg dilemma in&nbsp;the simultaneous lack of&nbsp;semantic representations and&nbsp;semantics-conscious search facilities on&nbsp;the Web.</strong></p><br><a name="p34835-4"></a><p class="auto" id="p34835-4"> Triplify tackles this dilemma by&nbsp;leveraging relational representations behind existing Web&nbsp;applications. A&nbsp;large part of&nbsp;Web content is&nbsp;generated by&nbsp;database-driven Web&nbsp;applications. However, the&nbsp;structure and&nbsp;semantics encoded in&nbsp;relational database schemes is&nbsp;unfortunately inaccessible to&nbsp;Web search engines, mashups, etc.</p>