Snip notes

You can use Snip!t to keep short notes that you can access anywhere on the web. For example, you might use this as a sort of blog mixed with your web snips or you can use it to copy-paste between machines.

1 open your mySnip!t page (keep it bookmarked!)

2 click the "new snip" scissors link

selecting New Snip

3 a "Create a New Snip" window opens (you can bookmark this directly if you use it a lot)

4 type in your note or paste from other applications

5 if you wish add it to one or more categories or channels (see "sort Snips" and "share Snips")

6 click "Make Snip Now!" and your new snip will be added to your Snip!t collection

creating the new snip

7 you can see your Snip!t note from anywhere on the web on your mySnip!t page

snip on your mySnip!it page

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