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2012-04-29 13:57:45     Data Journalism Handbook


The Data Journalism Handbook is a free, open source refe... anyone interested in the emerging field of data journalism.
It was born at a 48 hour workshop at MozFest 2011 in Lon ...

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/Channels/techie/open data

2010-09-13 15:50:02     The Technium: We, the Domesticated Cyborg


The deep union of ourselves with our inventions is not n... means a being that is part biological and part technolog... humans began as cyborgs, and still are. Our ancestors fi...
We are not the same folks who marched out of Africa. Our ...
Clearly, we

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/Channels/cognition and art/ecological psychology

2006-01-22 18:08:34     Deep web - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The deep web (or invisible web or hidden web) is the nam... the World Wide Web that are not part of the surface web ... common search engines. It consists of pages which are no...
Non-textual files such as multimedia (image) files, Usen ...
The deep

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2008-08-05 16:28:06     Delivery Context Ontology


The Delivery Context Ontology provides a formal model of the characteristics of the environment in which devices inte... or other services. The delivery context includes the cha... the device, the software used to access the service and ...
The deliver

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/Channels/HCI stuff/intelligent interfaces
/Channels/HCI stuff/mobiles

2013-01-28 17:39:08     Friday, 1 February, 2-3pm | Centre for GeoInformatics


The democratizing technologies of the web have brought t... raw-materials required to make a map to a wider audience... This proliferation of mapping has redefined modern Carto... general practice of “making maps” to the purposefu... Purposeful

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/Channels/cognition and art/space and place

2011-02-14 14:13:30     www.2-sight.com


The device consists of a tiny camera and transmitter mou... an implanted receiver, and an electrode-studded array th... the retina with a microtack the width of a human hair. A...
The camera on the glasses captures an image and sends th ...
Second Sigh

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/Channels/cognition and art/brain-stuff
/Channels/HCI stuff

2006-06-01 08:43:39     The Digital Object Identifier System


The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a system for iden... objects in the digital environment. DOIs are names assig... for use on digital networks. They are used to provide cu... including where they (or information about them) can be ... Internet. I

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2015-12-31 12:48:14     Digital sundial blends 3D-printing tech with ancient ingenuity


The digital sundial displays the current time within its... (Credit: Mojoptix)
Image Gallery (3 images)

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/Channels/DIY technology
/Channels/just lovely

2009-04-28 11:33:42     Oxford University reveals it is losing £8,000 per student as tuition fees debate begins | Education | guardian.co.uk


The disclosure comes as a poll showed half of students i...
According to a survey of 1,026 students, published by th ...
Students are choosing universities where they can live a ...
Close to a third (27%) of poorer students choose univers ...
The survey

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2014-10-21 20:46:28     What Role Does Technology Play in Record Levels of Income Inequality? | MIT Technology Review


The disparity between the rich and everyone else is larg... United States and increasing in much of Europe. Why?

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/Channels/economy and politics

2011-08-15 14:28:17     Documentation | uberblic


The Doppelganger service translates between IDs of entit... APIs. When you query Doppelganger with an entity ID, you... of that same entity in other APIs. In addition, a persis... serves as an anchor for your application that you can us... queries.

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/Channels/techie/open data

2007-06-24 14:59:31     Johnson slapped on wrist for recommending Wikipedia | E-learning | EducationGuardian.co.uk


The education secretary, Alan Johnson, has come under fi... the use of the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia for sc...

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/Channels/cognition and art/memories-for-life

2014-01-19 09:53:14     Randall Rosenthal Carves an Illusion Out of Wood - Old Money


The effect was incredible.
The effect was incredible.

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/Channels/just lovely

2010-01-21 09:33:10     The Emotional Wardrobe


The Emotional Wardrobe builds on the characteristics of ... clothing, and imagines a world where fashion converges w... Emotional Wardrobe is about a new genre of clothing, who... benefits are intangible and difficult to quantify .. but... emotive cha

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/Channels/HCI stuff/emotion and fun

2011-06-10 08:13:00     Database.com


The enterprise cloud database from salesforce.com
Designed for the next generation of apps
Cloud: auto elasticity, auto security & auto backups
Open APIs & Authentication: REST, SOAP & OAuth
... Secure: Trusted by 87,000+ businesses & governme

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2013-03-09 16:47:04     BBC News - EU Commission launches 'grand coalition' to tackle IT shortage


The European Commission has launched a "grand coalition"... region's IT skills shortages.

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/Channels/education/CS education

2010-04-27 20:10:53     Home | EventSource | Ericsson Labs


The EventSource enabler allows you to use the upcoming E...
The Event Source API allows you to generate JavaScript e ...
To use the EventSource enabler, simply include the enabl ...
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://eventsource.l ...
You're read

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/Channels/techie/web development

2007-02-17 08:52:32     Extensible Metadata Platform - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Extensible Metadata Platform or XMP is a specific ty... markup language used in PDF, photography and photo editi... It was first introduced by Adobe Systems in April 2001 a...
XMP defines a metadata model that can be used with any d ...
XMP records

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2014-01-20 10:39:52     Oxfam: 85 richest people as wealthy as half of the world's population | Business | theguardian.com


The extent to which so much global wealth has become cor... handful of the so-called 'global elite' is exposed in a ... Oxfam on Monday. It warned that those richest 85 people ...
Working for the Few - Oxfam report Source: F. Alvaredo, ...
The wealth

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/Channels/economy and politics

2009-08-19 08:03:26     Welcome to Ruth Kikin-Gil's site


The extremity in teenagers’ attitudes and actions coup...
But however meaningful the phone is in teenagers’ live ...
The BuddyBeads project suggests alternative ways for com ...
BuddyBeads are techno-jewelry items that facilitate non- ...
Each group

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/Channels/HCI stuff/emotion and fun

2008-05-03 09:04:16     Fabaroni: a homemade 3D printer


The Fabaroni is a 3D printing machine that constructs 3D... dough. Fabaroni's gantry has a moving Z-stage and a head... pasta-extruder moving in the X-Y directions. Fabaroni ta... input, processes them using Python, and prints to the ma... printed cir

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2006-07-01 14:51:30     Facial Action Coding System (FACS) and the FACS Manual


The Facial Action Coding System (FACS) Manual is a detai... guide that explains how to categorize facial behaviors b... muscles that produce them, i.e., how muscular action is ... appearances. It illustrates appearance changes of the fa... description

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2011-09-30 22:20:18     With ‘frictionless sharing,’ Facebook and news orgs push boundaries of online privacy | Poynter.


The fact that my friend read an article is not useful wi... Did he like it? Did he think I would like it? Did it mak...
A couple months ago I wrote about research that revealed ...
The fact that people choose to keep most things private ...

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/Channels/techie/social networking

2007-10-16 14:41:01     collision detection: a blog of clive thompson


The fate of human memory: My latest Wired magazine column
Quick: Can you do long division? Probably, though you'd ...

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/Channels/cognition and art/memories-for-life

2008-09-16 18:48:54     Scitopia.org: What is Scitopia?


The federated vertical search portal scitopia.org was cr... imagination and collaboration of 21 leading science and ... societies.
Searching for a better way to help researchers quickly g ...
Scitopia.org is powered by Deep Web Technologies' Explor ...

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2011-02-16 10:47:39     Copyright Intellectual Property Form Protection Information


The First Case in History
The first historic mention of Copyright, which set the u ...
Columcille had taken to visiting monasteries, borrowing ...

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/Channels/digital economy
/Channels/techie/open data

2015-03-23 21:19:33     The big hole in HCI research | ACM Interactions


The first point I wish to make is that a lack of motor t... very worrying prospect for a scientific community. There... researchers should ask themselves whether CHI is or want... scientific conference. If not, then the reasonable quest...
My argument

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/Channels/HCI stuff
/Channels/research methods

2016-01-01 11:46:29    


The first reaction of many people to uncertain math is t... techniques as for certain math. They would either imagin... an exact mean, or take ‘worst case’ and ‘best case...

This is why I’ve made Guesstimate, a spreadsheet that⠮..

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2006-02-04 20:12:49     αθηνόραμα.gr - Η μεγαλύτερη τράπεζα πληροφοριών της πόλης


The Flame...
The Flame...
Ένα από τα πιο σημαντικά ευρωπΠ...

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2006-07-08 16:27:45     Intrinsic Motivation and Csikszentmihalyi's Flow Experience: A critique of two factor theories of human motivation in social psychology


The flow state has been defined as "an intrinsic reward ... in an activity (Csikszentmihalyi, 1977), an optimal stat... there is a balance between the perceived challenges of a... person’s skills or capabilities for action (Csikszentm... a centering

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/Channels/cognition and art/creativity

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