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2010-08-04 12:42:21     The Web Architects’ Blog » jQuery outerHtml()


Today I’ve been working on some template stuff using j...
Okay, better google for outerHtml: yes… no… grrrrr†...
jQuery.fn.extend( {
outerHtml: function( replacement )
... $('div').outerHtml(x);

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2009-11-26 07:54:54     michelle kaufmann’s blog » Blog Archive » New Twitter office fabulous design by Sara Morishige Williams


Today the Twitter team moved into their new office which... by the super talented Sara Morishige Williams (@sara). ... existing shell of a building in downtown San Francisco. ... sneak peek last week while she was working on it, and wa... the photos

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/Channels/cognition and art/architecture

2011-06-27 18:08:17     Optimizely Open-Sources Guiders.js, a Library to Help You Guide New Users - The Optimizely Blog


Today we’re open-sourcing a JavaScript library for vis...
A guider is a dialog box that guides a user through your ...
This example guider is not attached to any element and h ...
An example guider attached to the "Add Varia

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/Channels/techie/web development

2009-03-22 19:15:57     Augur


Today's applications become more and more complex, makin...
* Guidance: guide the user which interaction element ...
* Interface Adaptation: adapt the interface to the u ...
* Content Suggestion: suggest content for interactio ...
... tions a

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/Channels/HCI stuff/intelligent interfaces

2008-06-18 12:45:13     Augur


Today's applications become more and more complex, makin... maintain the usability of the interface. User interfaces... complexity and improve the usability of software, but it... possible to satisfy individual user needs. Therefore, us... support too

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/Channels/HCI stuff/intelligent interfaces

2011-08-23 10:58:32     Page 1 The programming secrets today's coders have forgotten - ComputerworldUK.com


Today's coders may know how to whip up a PHP script or a... create a mobile app for both the iPhone and Android, and... car's GPS (which has been done, it turns out). But there... predecessors knew that today's programmers don't.

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2013-01-23 08:56:24     Skepticism About Tenure, MOOCs and the Presidency: A Survey of Provosts | Inside Higher Ed


Today's provosts are a skeptical lot. That may come with... they must constantly prioritize some ideas (and some peo... others -- tasks that are never easy and have been made m... the economic downturn.
But the 2013 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College a

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/Channels/education/Higher Ed.

2008-10-16 18:34:54     Where to Find Open Data on the Web - ReadWriteWeb


Today, a story on Techmeme caught our eye. It was entitl... Wikipedia for data," and the article, written by X-Googl...
In Bret's story, he mentioned some of the common data so ...
In addition, as CNet and Ryan Stewart's blog spread the ...
So what did

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/Channels/techie/open data

2017-02-14 10:57:46     University attacked by its own vending machines, smart light bulbs & 5,000 IoT devices | Network World


Today’s cautionary tale comes from Verizon’s sneak p... 2017 Data Breach Digest scenario. It involves an unnamed... seafood searches, and an IoT botnet; hackers used the un... vending machines and other IoT devices to attack the uni... network.

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/Channels/HCI stuff/internet of things

2012-04-20 11:56:01     Managing Distraction: How and Why to Ignore Your Inbox - Forbes


Today’s relentless email flood could steer you away fr... and even out of work entirely if you don’t learn defen... That sounds obvious until you hear that a British study ... all information workers respond to an e-mail within 60 m... That’s no

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/Channels/cognition and art/slow and time
/Channels/HCI stuff/PIM

2010-06-18 18:56:34     RDF Tools - An RDF Store for WordPress - benjamin nowack's blog


Together with Morten Frederiksen and Dan Brickley (who i... SparqlPress idea), I've created a WordPress extension (c... that adds an (ARC-based) RDF Store and SPARQL Endpoint t... system. The store is kept separate from the WP tables (i... wrapper), b

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2008-02-21 10:53:22     plans are nothing,planning is everything

Tomm Inns quoted at D21 meeting Feb 2008:
"plans are nothing,planning is everyting" Eisenhower

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/Channels/cognition and art/creativity

2012-01-18 09:09:29    


Tommy Dewar projected film (advert!) onto NY skyscraper ... Iain Banks, Raw Spirit, p.318)

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/Channels/cognition and art/digital light
/Channels/public displays

2012-08-04 12:15:57     BBC News - Olympics 'dominated by privately educated'


Too many of Britain's top sportsmen and women were educa... country's Olympic chief has said.
Lord Moynihan said it was wholly unacceptable that more ...
He described it as one of the "worst statistics in Briti ...
He said it meant half of Great Britain

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2012-09-28 10:13:13     New Statesman - Tax avoidance isn't a left or right issue, it's a cancer eating our democracy


Topshop pays 140 times as much tax as Google, despite be... less profitable business.

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/Channels/digital economy
/Channels/economy and politics

2012-01-27 09:18:28     Toronto News: Toronto teens send Lego man on an a balloon odyssey 24 kilometres high - thestar.com


Toronto teens send Lego man on an a balloon odyssey 24 k...
Published On Wed Jan 25 2012
... the typical cruising altitude of a commercial aircraft.

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/Channels/just fun

2008-02-18 21:13:58     Total Market for Flat Panel Public Displays and Digital Signs to Reach $3.5B by 2010


Total Market for Flat Panel Public Displays and Digital ...
* By Electronics.ca Research Network
* Published 05/8/2006
* Electronic Manufacturing , Multimedia Devices
... arterly FPD Public Display Shipment and Forecast Report.

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2012-07-20 22:00:43     New Design Practices for Touch-free Interactions | UX Magazine


Touch interaction has become practically ubiquitous in d... and that has changed users' expectations and the way UX ... about human–computer interaction (HCI). Now, touch-fre... Natural Language Interaction (NLI) are bleeding into the... mainstream

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2007-08-21 09:32:39     toward a Theory of Creative Inklings


Toward a Theory of Creative Inklings
Liane Gabora,
... what sort of a system could spawn the initial seed of creativity from which an idea grows?

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/Channels/cognition and art/creativity

2007-11-22 10:54:44     YouTube - Tracking fingers with the Wii Remote


Tracking fingers with the Wii Remote

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2012-02-04 10:23:46     PLoS Medicine: Participatory Epidemiology: Use of Mobile Phones for Community-Based Health Reporting


Traditional health systems serve a key role in protectin...
Novel Internet-based collaborative systems can have an i ...
Mobile Internet usage is growing rapidly worldwide, maki ...
We present a brief summary of some promising mobile appl ...
These early

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/Channels/techie/collective intelligence
/Channels/techie/open data

2009-04-29 09:45:00     Safle Gwe Sain / www.sain.wales.com / Sain's Web Site


Traditions - the third CD in The Welsh Gold Collection.
Traditions brings together some of Wales’ leading expo ...
“World music” is now the term used for what we used ...
This selection is the third compilation in The Welsh Gol ...

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2006-01-18 21:45:30     CHI 97: Beyond Fitts' Law: Models for Trajectory-Based HCI Tasks


Trajectory-based interactions, such as navigating throug...
moving in 3D worlds, are becoming common tasks in modern ...
performances in these tasks cannot be successfully model ...
applied to pointing tasks. Therefore we explore the poss ...
... ste

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2007-11-11 16:14:47     Transana


Transana is a computer program that allows researchers t...
* Identify and easily access the analytically signif ...
* Manage large video collections containing hundreds ...
* Organize video clips (from the same or from differ ...
... distant

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2012-02-08 09:31:33     The Pirate Bay torrents printable 3D objects • The Register


Tremble, thing-makers, because The Pirate Bay has starte... source files for physical objects.
The controversial file-sharing site, known for aiding th ...
Only those with 3D printers will be able to make use of ...
Pirate Bay has started a new category

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2006-09-25 11:06:18     Welcome to TrueSwitch. Ensure a successful move to your new Internet account


TrueSwitch makes changing your Internet Service Provider... your personal data to the new account, notify everyone w... address, forward emails sent to your old email address a... the old account

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2007-03-10 09:38:41     Web Accessibility Validation Tool, Check Accessibility Online by Truwex


Truwex Online 2.0 beta, Section 508 and WCAG Accessibili...
Erigami Home Check Web Site Accessibility ...
We are testing the new version of Truwex Online Validati ...
Truwex manages website compliance with web accessibility ...
... of Truw

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2008-01-06 16:56:29     Eudora Mailbox Cleaner


Trying to migrate my old messages from Eudora to Apple M... most of the information got lost or mangled in the proce... show up as unread, attachments get lost, non-ASCII chara... incorrect, HTML messages display as code instead of form... Since I was

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2010-11-08 23:36:15     Out of Print on Cool Hunting


Turning classic book covers into inspirational t-shirts,... recently added a kids line to its collection of "intelli... fashions. Tykes can don soon-to-be-favorite reads like "... Rye," "Moby Dick," "Pride and Prejudice" or "Brave New W... distressed,

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/Channels/just fun

2009-08-11 12:24:34     What will communication devices look like in 2033?


Twenty-five years after the creation of the cell phone, ... Motorola imagined what cell phones might look like in an... years. The Consumer Xperience Design (CXD) team created ... sketches that look beyond what is possible today and ima... possibiliti

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/Channels/HCI stuff

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