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2011-12-14 10:03:00     Google Currents - Yet another contribution to the UI-fragmentation of Android - MIN MING


Google just released Google Currents (what's up with the... supposed to be "kind of" like Flipboard, except that it ...
Google also released an update to Google Maps some weeks ...
Google, here is the problem: If you cannot make the UI o ...

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/Channels/HCI stuff/mobiles
/Channels/techie/UI development

2011-10-18 17:03:56     How Google's Self-Driving Car Works - IEEE Spectrum


google self-driving robotic car
Once a secret project, Google's autonomous vehicles are ...
Google's fleet of robotic Toyota Priuses has now logged ...

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/Channels/HCI stuff/intelligent interfaces

2009-03-30 21:13:34     Google Web Toolkit 1.5 - Google Code


Google Web Toolkit (GWT) makes it easier to write high-p... applications. You write your front end in the Java progr... and GWT compiles your source into highly optimized JavaS... Developer's Guide covers the information you need to kno... application

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/Channels/techie/web development

2011-08-18 10:51:49     Valuing patents: Doing the maths | The Economist


GOOGLE'S $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility ...
How might Google, a company famously fond of numbers and ...
"Motorola has a portfolio of 24,500 patents and pate ...
Using one of the industries recent patent auctions a ...
... lio and

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/Channels/digital economy

2011-05-12 10:09:51     Google Lobbies Nevada To Allow Self-Driving Cars - NYTimes.com


Google, a pioneer of self-driving cars, is quietly lobby... that would make Nevada the first state where they could ... on public roads.

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2009-11-22 10:53:32     COI - Structuring information on the Web for re-usability


Government is committed to making its public information... available as possible. The best way to make structured i... available online is to publish it as Linked Data. Linked... information easier to cut and combine in ways that are r... citizens. T

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/Channels/digital economy
/Channels/techie/semantic web

2014-05-08 21:18:13     This Makeup Printer Could Destroy The Cosmetics Industry


Grace Choi, a Harvard Business School grad (and our new ... earth) debuted her new 3-D printer that not only PRINTS ... in any color you could possibly want. Simply by grabbing... from a photo and hooking the small device up to your com... endless sup

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/Channels/DIY technology

2012-02-16 08:29:47     (sqrt(cos(x))*cos(200x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(9-x^2), -sqrt(9-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5 - Google Search


Graph for (sqrt(​cos(​x))*​cos(​200*​x)+​sqrt(​abs(⮮. sqrt(​9-​x^​2), ‑sqrt(​9-​x^​2)

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/Channels/just fun

2006-01-14 16:54:08     mozdev.org - greasemonkey: index


Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets you to ad... ("user scripts") to any web page to change its behavior.... way that user CSS lets you take control of a web page's ... scripts let you easily control any aspect of a web page'... interaction

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2007-03-22 14:47:31     Brown CS: Tech Report CS-91-20


Greed Sort: An Optimal External Sorting Algorithm for Mu...
Mark H. Nodine and Jeffrey Scott Vitter
March 1991
We present an optimal deterministic algorithm for extern ...

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/Channels/AVL trees

2011-11-02 08:31:24     Unthinkable Consulting - Unthinkable Blog - Green shoots of linked (open) data around news


Green shoots of linked (open) data around news
Friday, October 28, 2011 at 5:31PM
Based on Linking Open Data cloud diagram, by Richard Cyg ...
A couple of weeks ago Justin and I attended an event hos ...
... Matthew Shorter

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/Channels/digital economy

2007-10-16 14:35:49     Gregory Abowd Receives Social Impact Award from SIGCHI — College of Computing


Gregory Abowd Receives Social Impact Award from SIGCHI
(March 28, 2007) - The Computer Human Interaction Specia ...

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2013-12-03 07:52:30     What No One Told You About Z-Index — Philip Walton


Groups of elements with a common parent that move forwar...
Every stacking context has a single HTML element as its ...
New stacking contexts can be formed on an element in one ...
When an element is the root element of a document (the < ...
... never

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/Channels/techie/web development

2012-04-19 09:33:00     Palettes of Famous Painters | Retronaut


Gustave Moreau

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/Channels/just lovely

2016-08-17 12:16:15     An Illustrated Guide to Guy Debord’s ‘The Society of the Spectacle’


Guy Debord’s (1931–1994) best-known work, La sociét... (The Society of the Spectacle) (1967), is a polemical and prescient indictment of our image-saturated consumer cu... examines the “Spectacle,” Debord’s term for the e... manifestatio

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/Channels/digial media

2009-01-17 07:40:36     YouTube - Guy gets REALLY mad at his computer!


Guy gets REALLY mad at his computer!

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/Channels/HCI stuff/emotion and fun

2009-07-01 11:42:53     How not to use Twitter: HabitatUK as a case study


Habitat is a trendy furniture store, set up by Terence C... for those who’ve never been to the UK its like a sligh... version of Ikea. @HabitatUK turned up on Twitter a coupl... decided to use trending topic #hashtags at the start of ... noticed. Th

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/Channels/techie/social networking

2007-05-14 13:10:39     LDAP Attributes. Properties Active Directory Users Computers Distinguished name


Hall of fame LDAP attribute - DN distinguished name
As the word 'distinguished' suggests, this is THE LDAP a ...
Time spent in getting to know the DN attribute will repa ...

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2013-12-21 11:53:40     Subtleties of Color (Part 1 of 6) : Elegant Figures : Blogs


Hand-colored image of Mars from Mariner 4.
Encoding quantitative data with color is (sometimes lite ...

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2010-11-27 14:50:07     Nokia's New "Situations" App Makes Phones Self-Aware


Handset maker Nokia today announced the creation of an e... called "Nokia Situations" that can automatically adjust ... behavior for various situations and contexts. For exampl... shut off the ringer whenever you go into a meeting, with...
According t

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/Channels/HCI stuff/intelligent interfaces
/Channels/HCI stuff/mobiles

2011-10-31 15:07:33     Project outline


HaptiMap, Haptic, Audio and Visual Interfaces for Maps a... Services, is a project which receives financial support ... Commission in the Seventh Framework Programme, under the...
If you are walking or cycling, and don’t want to (or a ...
The HaptiMa

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/Channels/cognition and art/space and place

2011-03-02 08:56:10     BBC News - Harvard researcher rejects Google's 'personal attack'


Harvard researcher rejects Google's 'personal attack'
Google logo Google is under investigation by the Europea ...
Continue reading the main story
Related stories
... onal attacks" to distract people from its own behaviour.

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2008-06-18 09:10:02     Twitter hashtags for emergency coordination and disaster relief | FactoryCity


Hashtags become even more useful in a time of crisis or ... can rally around a common term to facilitate tracking, a... today with the San Diego fires (in fact, it was similar ... Bay Area earthquakes that lead me to propose hashtags in... as I’d se

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2016-12-27 19:54:49     Mapped: Which country is across the sea from Wales' coast? - BBC News


Have you ever stood on a beach in Wales and wondered wha... side of the ocean?
Finding the answer is not as simple as drawing a straigh ...
Map experts at Esri UK have created an interactive map w ...
Pembroke in Pembrokeshire, for example, faces Antarct

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/Channels/maps and geography

2016-12-04 12:42:50     Jonathan Safran Foer: technology is diminishing us | Books | The Guardian


Have you found yourself checking email at dinner, or ski... screen, unable to focus? The closer the world gets to ou... more we stand to lose

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/Channels/cognition and art/slow and time

2012-08-06 11:59:19     3D printers can crank out working assault rifle parts now (Updated) | DVICE


HaveBlue didn't just print 3D rifle components, he also ... whether 3D sharing sites like MakerBot's Thingiverse wou... posting his weapon designs online for all to download. N... said it was frowned upon, but didn't disallow HaveBlue f...
So, is it o

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2012-07-30 14:31:00     Am I a cyborg now? — Idea of the day


Having a sixth sense sounds exciting, but implanting a p... your body is quite invasive. Even ignoring such details ... surgeon willing to perform the operation, the prospects ... magnet corrosion and not being able to get an MRI scan a...
Deciding th

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2008-11-15 07:16:18     Craigslist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Having observed people helping one another in a friendly... trusting community way on the Internet, the WELL, and Us...
The first postings debuted in early 1995. The initial te ...
Soon, word of mouth led to rapid growth. Both subscriber ...
Newmark say

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2006-01-12 00:15:35     BCS-HCI Archives -- January 2006 (#17)


HCI Ed 2006 - Limerick, Ireland
The deadline for papers for the HCIEd.2006-1 Workshop ha ...
one week to the 20th January 2006.

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/Channels/random links

2013-02-11 23:38:59     Amazon unpacked - FT.com


he online giant is creating thousands of UK jobs, so why... less than happy?

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