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2006-07-06 09:27:30     Wiley::How to Make Brilliant Stuff That People Love ... and Make Big Money Out of It


How to Make Brilliant Stuff That People Love ... and Mak...
Patrick W. Jordan
ISBN: 0-470-84711-5
... October 2002

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2011-09-29 23:09:07     Moods on Twitter Follow Biological Rhythms, Study Finds - NYTimes.com


However grumpy when they wake up, and whether they stumb...
Twitter Study Tracks When We Are :)
... and expands on what is known about how mood fluctuates.

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2009-08-06 15:43:13     Eliminate Spaghetti Code Using PHP Rules


HP Rules is a rule engine that lets you separate conditi...
This article demonstrates how to:
* Install PHP Rules and execute rules stored in text ...
* Create your own rules, starting from a particular case
... * Evaluate a rule stored in a

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/Channels/techie/web development

2007-05-16 09:55:28     hreview - Microformats


hReview is a simple, open, distributed format, suitable ... reviews (of products, services, businesses, events, etc.... Atom, RSS, and arbitrary XML. hReview is one of several ... standards.

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2007-03-23 20:24:25     Warrior: Java Web Browser


HTML Browser Subproject
Version 0.95 of Warrior (download) includes the capabili ...
Why a Pure Java Browser?
There are a number of advantages to be derived from a br ...
... his is the obvious advantage of a pure Java application.

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2011-09-06 13:56:07     Cross-Browser Support for HTML5 Placeholder Text in Forms


HTML5 offers a lot of exciting new features in the realm... my favorite new additions to forms in HTML5 is the place... Placeholder text is the “hint” or “example” text...
<input type="text" placeholder="Start typing to begin s ...
The only ne

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/Channels/techie/web development

2010-03-18 17:53:39     IE9 Interoperability: XHTML, Namespaces, CSS3 Selectors, DOM Events, DOM Style, and SVG


HTML5 T-Shirt Designer
This demo shows a cross-section of features in Internet ...

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2016-01-05 10:11:52    



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2016-03-04 13:43:56    



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/Channels/research methods

2009-06-06 16:06:05     Luis von Ahn's Research


Human Computation
Most of my time is spent inventing novel techniques for ...
One family of techniques is CAPTCHA, automated tests tha ...
Another family is exemplified by my work on The ESP Game ...

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2008-11-29 19:13:45     Strategic Directions in Human Computer Interaction


Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is the study of how peo... implement, and use interactive computer systems, and how... individuals, organizations, and society. HCI is a resear...
At the same time that a human-centered approach to syste ...
This report

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2010-05-02 16:45:23     Magazine Preview - The Data-Driven Life - NYTimes.com


Humans make errors. We make errors of fact and errors of...
Enlarge This Image
Horacio Salinas for The New York Times
Readers' Comments
... That is, some of us do. Others use data.

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/Channels/cognition and art/memories-for-life
/Channels/cognition and art/slow and time

2013-02-20 07:41:07     the many problems facing our fragile, remote community .. | Land Matters


I am delighted to host a guest blog by Julia Campbell fr... works for the Coigach Community Development Company but ... expresses here are her personal views. They were submitt... the Land Reform Review Group.

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/Channels/rural issues

2009-10-17 15:22:10     The Open PhD – What a Concept « Open Ph.D. – An Experiment in Higher Learning


I am going to create my own Ph.D. program via open educa... courseware. My degree will be in Educational Technology... in (what else?) Open Education as the Great Equalizer. ... my blog states: it will be all the learning, with none o... “doc”-u

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2008-02-05 08:08:29     Axel Cleeremans


I am interested in the role that elementary learning pro... behavior. It turns out that many such learning processes... that is, they occur without intention and without result... verbalizable knowledge. Thus it appears that many things...
To get an o

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/Channels/cognition and art/consciousness

2016-10-07 14:06:34     Writing good code: how to reduce the cognitive load of your code – Christian M. Mackeprang


I believe it’s possible to construct a simple mental f... be used with any language or library and which will lead... code by default.

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2005-01-27 19:04:39     Library Trends: The Dynamics of Classification Systems as Boundary Objects for Cooperation in the Electronic Library - systems should work in tandem with users


I call these boundary objects, and they are a major met...
heterogeneous problems. Boundary objects are objects ...
enough to adapt to local needs and constraints of the ...
employing them, yet robust enough to maintain a commo ...
... 46-4

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/Channels/cognition and art/postmodern

2009-03-28 10:15:06     The Nature of Time, by Humberto Maturana


I do not wish to deal with all the domains in which the ... if it were referring to an obvious aspect of the world o... human live. Indeed, the very fact that time can be made ... reflection shows us that what the word time connotes cha... circumstanc

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/Channels/HCI stuff/time

2012-10-05 07:26:38     Stephen Wolfram Blog : Kids, Arduinos and Quadricopters


I don’t think my talk was particularly good. But then ... onto the stage, and soon was typing raw Mathematica code... everyone—with me now safely off on the side (where I s... picture):
Christopher Wolfram on stage at Maker Faire

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/Channels/education/CS education

2013-11-26 12:08:15     One Woman's Dangerous War Against the Most Hated Man on the Internet


I felt like Will Smith in "Enemy of the State." I was be... harassed and stalked by criminals with technological exp... thrust into an unexpected war. I felt exposed, vulnerabl... front line. I had awoken a hideous network of villains a... were in pur

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/Channels/techie/social networking

2012-02-08 09:34:52     An unexpected skeumorphic vestige - Adam Lindsay


I finally picked up a protective cover for my Kindle Tou... airport. Doing so revealed a hidden habit I was only fai... compulsively use boarding passes as bookmarks. What happ... to mark my place goes away?

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2011-11-09 16:04:06     The Social Graph is Neither (Pinboard Blog)


I first came across the phrase social graph in 2007, in ...
The idea of representing relationships between people as ...
At the time he wrote, Fitzpatrick had two points to make ...
Fitzpatrick subsequently went to work for Google, and hi ...
... ith the

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/Channels/techie/social networking

2005-01-27 19:32:15     *Pixelcharmer: Field Notes: Boundary Object


I first encountered the term boundary object when reading %u201CDistributing intelligence, organizing diversity,%u... of a silicon alley new media firm. In it David Stark, re...
What Star teaches us is that the fact that we all un ...
Star, S. L. an

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/Channels/cognition and art/postmodern

2005-01-04 22:24:17     Safari hangs constantly: Applications Mac OS X: MacFixItForums


I fixed my problem by deleting the com.apple.Safari.plist, SafariConduit.bundle, SAFARI.ELM, and SAFARI.INF files, ... Library folder (after backing up my Bookmarks). Now Safa... hangs! Yay!

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2006-10-31 20:03:17     Gumption: I Spy Eye Spy Advertising: Urinal Based Display Marketing and Captive Micro-audiences


I had lunch at Illusions Fayrouz Dining and Entertainmen... and when I used the men's room after the meal, I discove...
The web site listed on the display unit, www.eyespyadver ...

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2007-08-14 20:26:19     The Beer Can Theory of Creativity


I had to laugh this morning while reading the Ottawa Cit... crafty yet bafflingly incompetent vandal described as "H... pack, but the plastic thingy that holds them together is... spin-off of the saying "He's one can short of a full six...
This chapte

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/Channels/cognition and art/creativity

2011-08-23 11:03:49     Writing the Dissertation: One Reason Why it is Difficult « Beki's Blog


I have a theory about why writing the dissertation is su...
The dissertation is a reflective document. It requires i ...
And what self-critical researcher (which of course is wh ...
This is not the writer’s fault. This is the fault of r ...
... I’d l

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/Channels/research methods

2011-11-12 13:26:05    


I have been collecting some random bits of advice that I...
Blackboard Technique
Publish the same results several times.
... Be prepared for old age.

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/Channels/research methods

2012-01-04 12:17:14     Trade between belligerents — Marginal Revolution


I have been enjoying Adam Hochschild’s To End All Wars... Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914-1918, which covers the Briti... War I. My favorite section details how the British resp... turned out they had a drastic shortage of binoculars, wh...
The Germans

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2011-05-30 06:33:46     Bolinfest Changeblog: GData: I can't take it anymore


I have been playing with GData since I was on the Google... in 2005/2006. My experiences with GData can be summarize... graph:

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