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2006-11-14 15:26:34     WIRED NextFest 2006 (Printer Friendly View) - Featured Article - Digital Trends


Brain Ball
Ready, Set, Relax! Brainball is a totally new concept of ...
Brain Ball

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2010-03-31 15:28:41     Brainstorming may discourage creativity | Psychology Today


Brainstorming is a widely used technique for groups to d... fresh perspectives on an issue, problem or project, and ... taught and used by team leaders and consultants working ... study by researchers at Texas A&M University, and publis...
The researc

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/Channels/cognition and art/creativity

2010-06-15 08:54:07     Economics Essays: Unemployment in the UK


Brief History of Unemployment in UK
Source: Dept for Work and Transport
After the ravages of the Great Depression era where unem ...
It was in the manufacturing recession of 1981 when unemp ...
... ent was fairly close to full employment at just over 3%.

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/Channels/economy and politics

2013-02-08 13:07:14     UK most unequal country in the West - News - The Independent


Britain is now the most unequal country in the Western w... authoritative new United Nations report reveals. The gap... poor is as great as in Nigeria.
Detailed statistics in the Human Development Report publ ...

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/Channels/economy and politics

2013-11-29 09:28:02     British Airways Billboard Tracks Airplanes as They Fly Overhead


British Airways launched a new campaign called "Look Up,... want to take that advice to get the full experience.
A video ad in London's Piccadilly Circus features a youn ...

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/Channels/public displays

2014-02-02 21:35:43     British Isles in 2100 by JaySimons on deviantART


British Isles in 2100 by JaySimons
British Isles in 2100by JaySimons
Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Other©2012-2014 Ja ...
... Belfast have become new capitals of Britain and Ireland.

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/Channels/maps and geography

2011-07-04 14:29:26     US anti-piracy body targets foreign website owners for extradition | Technology | The Guardian


British website owners could face extradition to the US ... even if their operation has no connection to America and... which is most probably legal in the UK, the official lea...
The US's Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE ...
As long as

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/Channels/digital economy

2011-09-12 09:11:10     Concerns that proposed 4G broadband network might disable GPS


Broadband communications and Global Positioning Systems ... technologies happily used by many walkers as navigation ... the still essential map and compass.
And - as many smartphone users will testify - these two ...
But this could change if a new 4G m

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/Channels/HCI stuff/mobiles

2010-09-17 11:10:17     BBC News - Pigeon flies past broadband in data speed race


Broadband is the most modern of communication means, whi... date back to Roman times.
But on Thursday, a race between the two highlighted the ...

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/Channels/digital economy

2011-07-26 08:57:45     BBC News - Fragmented sleep 'harms memory'


Broken sleep affects the ability to build memories, a st... suggests.
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science findi ...
The Stanford University found disrupting sleep made it h ...

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/Channels/cognition and art/dreaming
/Channels/cognition and art/memories-for-life

2012-05-02 06:56:30     Mapping Science - Places & Spaces: Mapping Science


Browse all maps with options to filter by year, auth...
Listing of all current & past venues.
See what the exhibit entails, plus how to host it at ...
Places & Spaces: Mapping Science is meant to inspire cro ...

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/Channels/cognition and art/space and place

2008-08-05 16:17:38     Calling a program on the client hard drive - mozilla.dev.extensions | Google Groups


[ From frame: http://groups.google.com/group/mozil.../947e63c95c14b5a5?... ]

Browsers are normally banned from launching local progra...
circumvented in Firefox?

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2012-10-22 21:29:18     Bubble Ball Unicode (Characters Map)


Bubble Ball Text - Unicode Character Map
This table shows the conversions (mapping) used to gener ...

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/Channels/just fun

2010-07-02 13:15:48     BBC News - UK borrowing hits record £163.4bn


budget deficit
Total government debt now stands at £890bn - equivalent ...
The £163.4bn borrowed is equivalent to 11.6% of GDP.

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/Channels/economy and politics

2008-07-16 09:36:30     E-Health Europe :: Bulgaria launches eCard prescriptions project


Bulgaria launches eCard prescriptions project
22 Oct 2007
Bulgaria has begun an online electronic prescriptions pr ...
The first online transaction, carried out earlier this m ...
... alth solutions,” commented Peter Reuschel, CEO of ICW.

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/Channels/HCI stuff/eHealth

2007-02-17 07:56:52     BunnysTechnoratiTags - WordPress Plugin Repository - Trac


Bunny’s Technorati Tags provides you with template fun... display Technorati tags for your posts. The tags are sto... Field, so this plugin does not require any modifications... structure. The plugin adds a text input for that custom ... appropriate

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2011-05-21 21:30:59     BBC News - Hard to explain how bad economic crisis is, says Cable


Business Secretary Vince Cable says it has been a challe... government to explain to the public how bad a state the ...
He told the Guardian the country was poorer because of t ...
Britain is no longer one of the "price-setters" in world ...
"We have ha

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/Channels/economy and politics

2016-03-24 19:09:15    


But after writing about p-values again and again, and re... correction on a nearly year-old story over some erroneou... regarding a study’s p-value (which I’d taken from th... themselves and their report), I’ve come to think that ... fundamental problem with p-values is that no one can rea...

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/Channels/research methods

2015-03-05 18:19:44     Scientists threatened by demands to share data | Al Jazeera America


But as access to the published results of scholarly rese... issues around making the data that is summarized in thos... available are coming to the fore. The White House memora... a certainty. Sharing the results of scientific research ... unveiling a

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/Channels/research methods
/Channels/techie/open data

2012-07-26 18:12:30     What It's Like to Teach a MOOC (and What the Heck's a MOOC?) - Robinson Meyer - The Atlantic


But because MOOCs are so new, and so limited before yest... first-hand discussion of what it's like to teach one has... current MOOC moment began less than a year ago, when Sta... free, chunked artificial intelligence course online, and... signed up.

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/Channels/education/open learning

2017-03-23 07:59:41     Peer review: a flawed process at the heart of science and journals


But does peer review `work' at all? A systematic review ... available evidence on peer review concluded that `the pr... review is based on faith in its effects, rather than on ... answer to the question on whether peer review works depe... `What is pe

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/Channels/research methods

2016-04-29 11:52:12    


But keyboards may have an impact on the emotional associ... words as well. It has been found that words consisting o... proportion of letters from the right-hand side of a QWER...

Researchers have previously tested the idea by asking En ...

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/Channels/HCI stuff/emotion and fun

2014-02-17 10:13:36     U. of the People earns accreditation, challenging view that agencies stifle innovation | Inside Higher Ed


But last week brought word of a very different kind of a... outcome, one that arguably challenges parts of that meme... Education and Training Council gave its stamp of approva... the People, a five-year-old global, online institution t...
The univers

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/Channels/education/open learning

2015-04-08 12:41:39     Gestalt Principles for Data Visualization: Similarity, Proximity & Enclosure


But let me suggest that gestalt is very much a pragmatic... data visualization, in fact a necessary aspect if you pl... simple bar and line charts (and perhaps even for those s... exploration of three of the most simple gestalt principl... they operat

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2013-01-06 13:37:43     Data-driven science is a failure of imagination | R you cereal?


But most importantly, data-driven science is less intell... then hypothesis-driven science. Data mining is sweet, an... Plotting multivariate data, maps, “relationships” an... visualizations is hip and catchy, everybody can understa... thinking ab

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/Channels/research methods

2015-02-27 22:38:37     Scientific method: Statistical errors : Nature News & Comment


But then reality intervened. Sensitive to controversies over reproducibility, Motyl and his adviser, Brian Nosek, dec... the study. With extra data, the P value came out as 0.59... to the conventional level of significance, 0.05. The eff... disappeared

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/Channels/research methods

2014-03-08 14:05:07     Dark thoughts: why mental illness is on the rise in academia | Higher Education Network | Guardian Professional


But while anecdotal accounts multiply, mental health iss... little-researched and hard data is thin on the ground.
However, a study published in 2013 by the University and ...

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/Channels/education/Higher Ed.

2017-04-10 07:21:46     Inside Your Users’ Minds: The Cultural Probe · An A List Apart Article


By analyzing the results of your cultural probe, you can... of how users behave: what they love and hate, what motiv... what they do and why. Solutions based on this knowledge ... give users what they need, rather than what they say the... also help i

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2010-11-15 09:00:28     YouTube - 3D Video Capture with Kinect


By combining the color and the depth image captured by t... Kinect, one can project the color image back out into sp... "holographic" representation of the persons or objects t...
No project page yet, but it will go up on my regular web ...
Based on th

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2011-03-02 08:47:18     Measuring Bias in "Organic" Web Search


By comparing results between leading search engines, we ... in their algorithmic search listings. We find that each ... favors its own services in that each search engine links... services more often than other search engines do so. But... engines pro

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