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2012-01-27 09:18:28     Toronto News: Toronto teens send Lego man on an a balloon odyssey 24 kilometres high - thestar.com


Toronto teens send Lego man on an a balloon odyssey 24 k...
Published On Wed Jan 25 2012
... the typical cruising altitude of a commercial aircraft.

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/Channels/just fun

2012-01-27 09:17:52     One Div Zero: A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages


A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Program...
1801 - Joseph Marie Jacquard uses punch cards to instruc ...
1842 - Ada Lovelace writes the first program. She is ham ...
1936 - Alan Turing invents every programming language th ...
1936 - Alon

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/Channels/just fun
/Channels/just fun

2012-01-20 13:47:26     Gallery of Data Visualization - Timelines


This page is an annotated visual gallery of some timeline designs from their origin to today.

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/Channels/cognition and art/slow and time
/Channels/HCI stuff/status-event
/Channels/HCI stuff/time

2012-01-19 13:56:58     The world's browsing prehistory: The first home page Amazon's 1994 home page, TheFacebook and Google! show how much things have changed | Mail Online


Most of us don't even realise it, but the home pages for... heavyweights such as Amazon, Facebook and YouTube have c... recognition since they launched.
Likewise, most of us don't remember that Google once had ...
With their plain colour schemes and emp

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/Channels/digital economy

2012-01-18 23:11:10     A Low Impact Woodland Home


You are looking at pictures of a house I built for our f... was built by myself and my father in law with help from ... visiting friends. 4 months after starting we were moved ... estimate 1000-1500 man hours and £3000 put in to this p...
The house w

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/Channels/DIY technology
/Channels/just lovely

2012-01-18 09:09:29    


Tommy Dewar projected film (advert!) onto NY skyscraper ... Iain Banks, Raw Spirit, p.318)

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/Channels/cognition and art/digital light
/Channels/public displays

2012-01-16 17:51:41     The network takeover : Nature Physics : Nature Publishing Group


The network takeover
Albert-László Barabási
Nature Physics
... pidly developing into a new discipline: network science.

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/Channels/research methods

2012-01-14 15:31:07     Embedly | Creating a Facebook-like URL submission tool with Embedly


One of our clients is currently using Ext and Embedly to... Facebook-like link submission tool. While writing up som... overboard and ended up coding the whole thing. It’s wo... the community as a whole, because we have seen this ques... before. Thi

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/Channels/techie/web development

2012-01-13 13:15:17     zeroclipboard - Provides "Copy to Clipboard" functionality for your web site using JavaScript and Flash - Google Project Hosting


Provides "Copy to Clipboard" functionality for your web ...

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/Channels/techie/web development

2012-01-12 14:16:02     Computing at School :: About Us


The Computing at School Working Group (CAS) aims to prom... Computing at school. CAS was born out of our excitement ... discipline, combined with a serious concern that many st... “turned off” computing by a combination of factors t... to make the

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/Channels/education/CS education

2012-01-12 13:55:40     Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Specify your canonical


Now, you can simply add this <link> tag to specify your ...
<link rel="canonical" href="http://www.example.com/produ ...
inside the <head> section of the duplicate content URLs:
http://www.example.com/product.php?item=swedish-fish&cat ...
... e PageRank

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/Channels/techie/web development

2012-01-12 11:40:07     Some Datasets Available on the Web » Data Wrangling Blog


Over the past year, I've been tagging interesting data I... del.icio.us. I wrote a quick python script to pull the r... my del.icio.us export and list them at the bottom of thi... these datasets are related to machine learning, but ther...
This list i

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/Channels/techie/open data

2012-01-12 10:35:08     Mike Bloomberg Is A Smart Businessman, That's Why He's Learning To Code | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation


Programming isn’t only for programmers. But as we move... where technology controls more and more of our lives, it... that’s virtually guaranteed to help you get a job. A g... Forbes a few weeks ago referred to the new world of Deve... world in wh

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/Channels/education/CS education

2012-01-12 08:58:04     The future of prediction - Ideas - The Boston Globe


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2012-01-11 16:49:55     Raspberry Pi device will 'reboot computing in schools' | Education | The Guardian


Raspberry Pi device will 'reboot computing in schools'
A tiny computer called Raspberry Pi and costing £20 is ...

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/Channels/education/CS education

2012-01-11 16:49:09     Britain's computer science courses failing to give workers digital skills | Education | The Guardian


Leading companies interviewed for a new Guardian series ... staff at a senior level to be computer literate, combini... with the ability to lead a team. But they face delays in... staff, or have to give new employees extensive training ...
Ian Wright,

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/Channels/education/CS education

2012-01-11 10:47:18     Mercedes-Benz Brings Facebook, Google to the Dashboard | News & Opinion | PCMag.com


LAS VEGAS—Mercedes-Benz on Tuesday expanded its in-veh... offerings by incoporating services like Facebook, Yelp, ... dashboard via a service dubbed mbrace2.
"It works seamlessly, automatically, and 24-7. I admit t ...
Powered by Hughes Telematics, mb

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2012-01-11 10:46:35     Report: Foxconn Employees Forced to Sign 'No Suicide' Pledge | News & Opinion | PCMag.com


Foxconn, a Chinese company that assembles Apple products... employees to sign a pledge promising that they won't com... according to the Daily Mail.

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/Channels/digital economy

2012-01-10 21:12:00     Backbone.js


When working on a web application that involves a lot of... the first things you learn is to stop tying your data to... too easy to create JavaScript applications that end up a... jQuery selectors and callbacks, all trying frantically t...
With Backbo

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/Channels/HCI stuff/implementation and architecture
/Channels/techie/web development

2012-01-09 18:30:30     In the Land of Invented Languages by Arika Okrent


Just about everyone has heard of Esperanto, which was no... man’s attempt to bring about world peace by means of l... solidarity. And every Star Trek fan knows about Klingon,...
In In The Land of Invented Languages, author Arika Okren ...
A truly ori

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/Channels/cognition and art/language

2012-01-09 16:06:10     Watson’s Next Challenge: Beating Cancer - semanticweb.com


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/Channels/techie/semantic web

2012-01-07 10:20:05     BBC News - HTML 5 new target for cybercriminals


Some of the threats for the coming year are lower-tech -... stickers placed over the QR codes used by firms to allow...
QR codes typically appear on posters. Once scanned with ...
Train stations, for example, use QR codes to allow passe ...
But cybercr

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/Channels/HCI stuff/mobiles

2012-01-04 18:09:07     How Do You Make A Robot That People Will Talk To? Make It As Cute As Wall-E | Co.Design


Boxie, a robot created at MIT Media Lab, relies on adora... artificial intelligence to meet its goals.
Cuteness is one of the most powerful forces on earth. It ...

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/Channels/HCI stuff/emotion and fun
/Channels/HCI stuff/intelligent interfaces

2012-01-04 17:12:20     Handy Elephant - Instant Productivity for Relationship Management | About us


Why did we build Handy Elephant?
Individuals and businesses devote increasing amounts of ...
Yet, plenty of time is wasted, as they do not know which ...

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/Channels/HCI stuff/PIM

2012-01-04 13:38:06     Digital Desk by Pierre Wellner


... .w.m.rauterberg//presentations/Build-It_Story/sld002.htm

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/Channels/HCI stuff/early HCI

2012-01-04 12:17:14     Trade between belligerents — Marginal Revolution


I have been enjoying Adam Hochschild’s To End All Wars... Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914-1918, which covers the Briti... War I. My favorite section details how the British resp... turned out they had a drastic shortage of binoculars, wh...
The Germans

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/Channels/cognition and art/political
/Channels/just fun

2012-01-04 12:05:05     Tech Specs | Sphero


Sphero is like nothing you’ve seen before. It’s the ... that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing from your ... tablet. Sphero delivers a unique mixed-reality experienc... multi-player games that let you engage in the virtual wo... real one. M

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/Channels/just fun

2011-12-22 23:54:27     Personal data | Policies | BIS


Midata - access and control your personal data
BIS is working with leading businesses and consumer grou ...
The three main objectives of midata are to:
secure broad private-sector participation in the pro ...
... omers create rich, new ‘person-centr

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/Channels/digital economy
/Channels/techie/open data

2011-12-22 22:34:29     BBC News - In pictures: Rare lenticular clouds over West Yorkshire


In pictures: Rare lenticular clouds over West Yorkshire
Cloud over Leeds
Cloud over Denholme
More properly known as Altocumulus Lenticularis, the clo ...
... Image 2 of 7

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/Channels/just lovely

2011-12-21 14:05:02     Introducing Amazon Silk | Amazon Silk


Silk isn’t just another browser. We sought from the s... the power and capabilities of the AWS infrastructure to ... limitations of typical mobile browsers. Instead of a de... software application, Amazon Silk deploys a split-archit... browser sub

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/Channels/techie/web development
/Channels/techie/web theory

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