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2013-01-30 13:00:51     The Quest to Create A Bionic Eye Gets Clearer - WSJ.com


Researchers have been pursuing the development of such a... decades, in some cases spending hundreds of millions of ... engineering challenges. One device designed to help peop... condition is awaiting U.S. regulatory approval. It is kn...
Second Sigh

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2009-08-18 10:40:41     The Raging Debate Over The Link Economy


Arnon Mishkin wrote a post last Thursday on paidContent ...
Arnon Mishkin:
The vast majority of the value gets captured by aggr ...
Jeff Jarvis:
... ates come down to opposing sides exchanging half-truths.

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2012-04-01 14:25:19     The Raspberry Pi can help schools get with the program | Technology | The Observer


Two interesting things happened last week and neither ha... with social networking or privacy. First, a web server f... new in that, you say; happens all the time. Yes, but thi... web server: it was the machine that hosts the Raspberry ...
The second

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2014-10-02 05:21:39     The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens - Scientific American


E-readers and tablets are becoming more popular as such ... improve, but research suggests that reading on paper sti... advantages

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2010-11-19 09:34:57     The real cost of free: a response | Media | guardian.co.uk


Two months ago I wrote a blog on "media gurus" who charg... promoting "free" as a business model. The blog drew some... responses, with Guardian contributor Cory Doctorow posti... accusing me of not understanding how giving work away fo... promotional

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2012-12-26 08:26:44     The Real Rationale for the 2nd Amendment, That Right-Wingers Are Totally Ignorant About | Alternet


Right-wing resistance to meaningful gun control is drive... false notion that America’s Founders adopted the Secon... they wanted an armed population that could battle the U.... opposite is the truth, but many Americans seem to have e...
The reality

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/Channels/economy and politics

2016-01-05 09:57:44     The Resurrection of Bookmarklets


The increased implementation of Content Security Policy (CSP) in websites has been heralded as "The End / Death of Bookmarklets". I created a solution in 2015 that resurrects the ability to use (library-based) bookmarklets on CSP and https:// websites usi

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2016-09-27 10:23:19     The Revolutionary Concept of Standard Sizes Only Dates to the 1920s | Atlas Obscura


Despite their prevalence, building standards really only... the last century. A major turning point in their wild pr... in the 1920s, when the German government made the then-r... standardize the size of office paper.
This seemingly bureaucratic move i

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2011-05-21 09:13:49     The Right to Read - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)


The right to read is a battle being fought today. Althou... years for our present way of life to fade into obscurity... specific laws and practices described above have already... many have been enacted into law in the US and elsewhere.... 1998 Digita

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2014-07-09 09:54:22     The rise of the evolutionary psychology douchebag


They believe that certain groups of people are inherentl... others. They write books about how rape is a natural par... evolution. And now, with another scandal rocking the wor... psychology, we can officially welcome a new breed of mad...

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2012-03-30 13:53:58     The room interface of the future | DesignBrother


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2014-01-14 21:36:47     The Royal Society of Edinburgh | Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation


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2012-05-19 10:42:43     The Scale of the Universe 2


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/Channels/just lovely

2016-04-18 12:44:36     The Scarlett Johansson Bot Is the Robotic Future of Objectifying Women | WIRED


AS ROBOTICS AND 3-D printing technologies become more ac... tinkerers, men are (of course) building robots of beauti... who’s turned on a TV in the past decade shouldn’t be... that one of the first—and creepiest—examples of this...
News broke

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2014-06-20 08:37:04     The Science of Problem Solving


A review of the state of our knowledge regarding problem... it work? What is insight? How can we boost our creativit... problem solving performance?

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2017-04-03 21:05:14     The Scottish Scoundrel Who Changed How We See Data - Atlas Obscura


When he wasn’t blackmailing lords and being sued for l... Playfair invented the pie chart, the bar graph, and the ...

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2005-05-22 09:16:26     The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Microsoft learns to crawl


And, in many ways, the search battle is bigger than beat... Microsoft is carving its path in the next generation of ... one in which search becomes a platform, not a feature.

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2006-02-05 19:56:19     The Secret Life of the Brain


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2018-03-04 12:41:35     The Self-Attribution Fallacy – George Monbiot


Intelligence? Talent? No, the ultra-rich got to where th... and brutality.

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/Channels/economy and politics

2008-02-24 20:02:44     The Semantic Web: Scientific American


The Semantic Web
A new form of Web content that is meaningful to computer ...
By Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler and Ora Lassila

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/Channels/techie/semantic web

2007-11-21 11:22:53     the show with zefrank


07-13-06 | 07-14-06 | 07-17-06next
comments (276) - share this movie
"ugly, designers, myspace, ugly, ugly song, mushy peas, ...

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2006-07-06 20:56:42     The siren call of MySpace.com | TheNewsTribune.com | Tacoma, WA


Eighteen-year-old Aaron VanMeer’s daily routine goes s... Get home from school, grab a snack and slide in front of... computer for his daily fix.
He’s just gotta log on to MySpace.com, the Web site wh ...

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2011-05-25 13:58:30     The smallest 3D printer in the world « 3d printing event


A research project at the Vienna University of Technolog... turn futuristic 3D-printers into affordable everyday items.
Printers which can produce three-dimensional objects hav ...
Several scientific fields have to come together, to desi ...

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2011-11-09 16:04:06     The Social Graph is Neither (Pinboard Blog)


I first came across the phrase social graph in 2007, in ...
The idea of representing relationships between people as ...
At the time he wrote, Fitzpatrick had two points to make ...
Fitzpatrick subsequently went to work for Google, and hi ...
... ith the

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/Channels/techie/social networking

2011-03-02 13:30:49     The Stanford NLP (Natural Language Processing) Group


CRFClassifier is a Java implementation of a Named Entity... Entity Recognition (NER) labels sequences of words in a ... names of things, such as person and company names, or ge... names. The software provides a general (arbitrary order)... linear chai

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/Channels/text mining

2013-01-09 10:47:59     The Story of the PING Program


Yes, it's true! I'm the author of ping for UNIX. Ping is... thousand-line hack that I wrote in an evening which prac... seems to know about. :-)

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2015-03-23 10:26:49     The strange new world of evidence-free government | Zoe Williams | Comment is free | The Guardian


When ministers’ priorities are cost-cutting and short-... research into what actually works falls by the wayside ⮮. consequences

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/Channels/economy and politics

2013-10-04 06:23:14     The strange world of urban exploration | Books | The Guardian


The strange world of urban exploration
Urban explorers scale skyscrapers, jump fences, lift man ...

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/Channels/cognition and art/space and place

2010-09-13 15:50:02     The Technium: We, the Domesticated Cyborg


The deep union of ourselves with our inventions is not n... means a being that is part biological and part technolog... humans began as cyborgs, and still are. Our ancestors fi...
We are not the same folks who marched out of Africa. Our ...
Clearly, we

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/Channels/cognition and art/ecological psychology

2011-06-18 14:32:03     The traveler's vade mecum: or ... - Google Books


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