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2013-01-28 10:15:08     BBC News - 'Quantum smell' idea gains ground


A controversial theory that the way we smell involves a ... effect has received a boost, following experiments with ...
It challenges the notion that our sense of smell depends ...
Instead, it suggests that the molecules' vibrations are ...

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2011-12-14 09:54:26     BBC News - 3D voyage from cinema screen to cereal box


3D voyage from cinema screen to cereal box
Katia Moskvitch By Katia Moskvitch Science and technolog ...
3D Nestle Rio campaign A 3D bird from the film Rio comes ...
Still not very used to having a full-size car jump out a ...
... s of a jewellery firm De

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/Channels/cognition and art/digital light

2013-03-24 07:15:23     BBC News - A Point of View: Chess and 18th Century artificial intelligence


The Turk, engraving from 1789
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Crowd-sourcing comets (LJ)
Mary queen of maths (Lisa Jardine)
... rate hoax had its own sense of genius, says Adam Gopnik.

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2011-06-03 07:43:06     BBC News - A wild ride to the Faroe Islands


On display, I spotted a book written by one of the Briti...
It was entitled Kansha - The Land of Maybe - which it se ...
Back at the airport I told Magni Arge, the chief executi ...
"Kansha means more than maybe," he explained.
... and respecting their a

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/Channels/cognition and art/language
/Channels/cognition and art/slow and time

2011-10-30 08:30:15     BBC News - About Time: The science of telling the time


Time zones sometimes seem positively eccentric, affected... political, geographical and social changes in the real w...
But as irregular as they are, if you want to divide the ...
Our science reporter Rebecca Morelle has been finding ou ...

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/Channels/HCI stuff/time

2013-09-01 21:04:56     BBC News - Abraham Maslow and the pyramid that beguiled business


Abraham Maslow and some examples of pyramids inspired by...
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Health Check
Herrings - good to eat, not to inhale
... s satisfied, the desire to fulfil the next set kicks in.

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/Channels/HCI stuff/emotion and fun

2010-04-27 08:25:13     BBC News - Adobe abandons iPhone code tools


In mid-April, Adobe released software called Creative Su... contained translation tools that automatically turn Flas... programs that run on the iPhone.
Shortly before the release, Apple updated the terms and ...
The revised terms placed strict restric

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2011-06-18 14:55:13     BBC News - African jitters over blogs and social media


African governments are turning to more sophisticated te... internet sites and bloggers who they perceive to be a th...
That is the conclusion of The Committee for the Protecti ...

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/Channels/cognition and art/social and cultural
/Channels/digital economy
/Channels/economy and politics

2011-05-21 09:02:19     BBC News - Amondawa tribe lacks abstract idea of time, study says


An Amazonian tribe has no abstract concept of time, say ...
The Amondawa lacks the linguistic structures that relate ...
The study, in Language and Cognition, shows that while t ...
The idea is a controversial one, and further study will ...

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/Channels/cognition and art/language
/Channels/cognition and art/slow and time
/Channels/HCI stuff/time

2013-02-13 23:44:03     BBC News - Black Hornet spycam is a 'lifesaver' for British troops.


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/Channels/HCI stuff/internet of things

2011-03-17 06:13:46     BBC News - Can libraries survive in a digital world?


"Communities need libraries more than they ever have don... are in a superb position to help [during difficult econo...
"People who say 'we don't need libraries because it's al ...

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/Channels/digital economy
/Channels/open access

2012-03-06 19:24:29     BBC News - Can you build a human body?


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2011-01-06 15:32:37     BBC News - Can you count the packets of crisps?


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2012-09-25 08:10:48     BBC News - Chinese families' worldly goods in Huang Qingjun's pictures


Amid China's tumultuous dash to become rich, one man's p...
Huang Qingjun has spent nearly a decade travelling to re ...
The results offer glimpses of the utilitarian lives of m ...
But seen more closely, they also show the enormous socia ...
Elderly Chi

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/Channels/cognition and art/social and cultural
/Channels/cognition and art/space and place

2013-01-30 12:52:39     BBC News - Computer science part of English Baccalaureate


Computer science is going to become part of the English ... of the measures used in school league tables in England.
It will be included as one of the science options that c ...

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/Channels/education/CS education

2011-06-03 07:38:42     BBC News - Creating Cumbria's musical hill


Five hundred musical instruments, powered only by the wi...
The sound made by the instruments, some conventional and ...
French composer Pierre Sauvageot, along with French grou ...
He explains how it works and how his team went about ins ...
"Harmonic F

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/Channels/just fun

2010-05-29 16:22:18     BBC News - Creative minds 'mimic schizophrenia'


Creativity is akin to insanity, say scientists who have ... the mind works.
Brain scans reveal striking similarities in the thought ...
Both groups lack important receptors used to filter and ...
It could be this uninhibited processing that allows crea

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/Channels/cognition and art/brain-stuff
/Channels/cognition and art/creativity

2012-09-06 10:55:41     BBC News - Denmark pioneers hi-tech graveyard memorials with QR code


Carrying a posy of bright flowers, Dorthe Frydenlund str...
Mrs Frydenlund is among those pioneering a novel way to ...
Nestling amongst the colourful plants and vases is a sto ...
Mrs Frydenlund's 14-year-old son Nikolai has a smartphon ...
... ph of h

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2012-04-15 17:45:27     BBC News - Dual-focus contact lens prototypes ordered by Pentagon


The Pentagon has put in an order for prototype contact l... users a much wider field of vision.
The lenses are designed to be paired with compact heads ...
Much bulkier HUDs are already deployed by the US Army an ...

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/Channels/HCI stuff

2013-03-09 16:47:04     BBC News - EU Commission launches 'grand coalition' to tackle IT shortage


The European Commission has launched a "grand coalition"... region's IT skills shortages.

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/Channels/education/CS education

2012-10-31 19:31:46     BBC News - Europe's oldest prehistoric town unearthed in Bulgaria


A photo provided by the Bulgarian National Institute of ...
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Ancient sites spotted from space
... 00 years before the start of ancient Greek civilisation.

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/Channels/heritage and museums

2011-07-26 08:57:45     BBC News - Fragmented sleep 'harms memory'


Broken sleep affects the ability to build memories, a st... suggests.
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science findi ...
The Stanford University found disrupting sleep made it h ...

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/Channels/cognition and art/dreaming
/Channels/cognition and art/memories-for-life

2011-01-06 20:44:20     BBC News - Furore over 'censored' edition of Huckleberry Finn


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/Channels/cognition and art/language

2012-06-12 07:49:45     BBC News - Geek chic: When fashion meets technology


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2011-03-02 09:14:52     BBC News - Graduates - the new measure of power


At the beginning of the last century, the power of natio... measured in battleships and coal.
In this century it's as likely to be graduates.
There has been an unprecedented global surge in the numb ...
Among the developed OECD countries, graduation rate

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/Channels/digital economy

2011-05-21 21:30:59     BBC News - Hard to explain how bad economic crisis is, says Cable


Business Secretary Vince Cable says it has been a challe... government to explain to the public how bad a state the ...
He told the Guardian the country was poorer because of t ...
Britain is no longer one of the "price-setters" in world ...
"We have ha

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/Channels/economy and politics

2011-03-02 08:56:10     BBC News - Harvard researcher rejects Google's 'personal attack'


Harvard researcher rejects Google's 'personal attack'
Google logo Google is under investigation by the Europea ...
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... onal attacks" to distract people from its own behaviour.

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2013-01-19 09:48:33     BBC News - Has chip and pin had its day?


Ross Anderson, an academic in the Computer Laboratory at...
"It's a complete non-starter," he told the BBC.
"You can't just change all the systems because you come ...
He does however agree that there are "significant risks" ...
"I personally won't use

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/Channels/digital economy

2014-02-18 16:48:47     BBC News - Honeycomb book hive celebrates library's 400th anniversary


The Book Hive The honeycomb installation interacts with ... past triggering sensors to make the books rustle

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/Channels/just lovely

2012-01-07 10:20:05     BBC News - HTML 5 new target for cybercriminals


Some of the threats for the coming year are lower-tech -... stickers placed over the QR codes used by firms to allow...
QR codes typically appear on posters. Once scanned with ...
Train stations, for example, use QR codes to allow passe ...
But cybercr

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/Channels/HCI stuff/mobiles

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